A conversation between Joseph Raffael & About Art, Love, Death and Creativity.

This has been called “the most beautiful book on an artist” by a

A Conversation Between Joseph Raffael and David Pagel about Art, Love, Death, and Creativity
is unique among publications about art for several reasons. It is a conversation.
Not an interview. Not a critical assessment of an artist’s oeuvre. Not a historical overview. Not a promotional celebration of an artist’s work.
But an honest, wide-ranging, free-wheeling back-and-forth between two fairly idiosyncratic individuals who have never met:
an expatriate painter in his 80s who has lived in the South of France for 30 years, and an art critic and professor in his 50s who has lived in
Southern California for 30 years, where he writes, in plain English, art criticism for the Los Angeles Times and teaches at Claremont Graduate University.

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