Blossom Plumb writes about Joseph’s painting in progress


I look at your painting and wonder–what title? Then see
It is burning up titles as they arrive.
They dissolve in that molten line.
Is there a name that can withstand the intensity of that light?

Was it the change in the molecular structure of the new paper that flashed into your eye and hand?
Was it the idea altering the stuff of the paper that began
the never-before translation into paint-taking the see-er
by his hand and directing his gaze through the the rose palace to the until now unseen?
I lack any technical vocabulary- Only know I am looking within
the universe that is before us and that over millennia is seen by but a few light/struck artists.
You trekked the mountain; the gate opened; you saw. You pass it on.”

Joseph answers:

“I’ve not had a title come to me yet.
Perhaps it could be called INTERIOR LIGHT.
I so appreciate your words which are also filled with light.
You know the letter of Rilke’s to the Young Poet when he says
“Nothing can approach the poem except a heart filled with love”
That is a VERY rough remembrance of how RMR said it,
but that’s what I thought in the woods this AM,
‘Blossom’s heart is filled with love and that’s why she could see and describe the ptg so well’.

Yes, you’re absolutely right. It is the molecular structure of the new paper that flashed its way into the ptg. Absolutely.
I believe it was the experience of thinking it was all over for me as an artist because the paper had changed which helped another painter inside me take the brush in hand..
In fact it is the paper which has the ptg perhaps already in it.
You know the story of the child looking at the stone sculpture of the bird, and asks
“How did the artist know there was a bird inside the stone?”
It could be that that’s what’s happening here in the studio.
Mysteries to be revealed lie before me as ptgs.”

Painting in Progress