Joseph Raffael Journal Entries to appear in forthcoming Nancy Hoffman Gallery catalogue

From Journal 3, October 2006

Listening to Pergolesi’s “La primavera (Spring) – Le rimembranze del vecchio” (“The memories/remembrances of the old man”)

As a child, being alone was my favorite way of passing each day.
In those beginning years, speaking little if at all, wide-eyed and open-hearted, I began experiencing Life’s mysteries,
documenting the powerful silence within, while each day, drawing and coloring.
Inner experiences enriching the inner self who would be doing my paintings’ navigation for me years later. As a child I was alone drawing. To this day,
I continue to pass my days alone—painting.
Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that I never feel alone while I am painting. What I am—is solitary.

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