John Fitz Gibbon

John Fitz GibbonJohn Fitz Gibbon
12 July 1934 – 25 October 2009

“My last memory of John  Fitz Gibbon is in 2005 after he, Lannis and I had  lunched in  a Broadway restaurant across from Lincoln Center .
It was the Sunday after my show’s Saturday  opening at Nancy Hoffman’s Gallery in Soho.
John had written an inspired and wonderfully insightful, lively essay for the show’s catalog.
Many of John’s friends had been at the opening that day. It was very touching to see their love for him. I believe he was very happy.
He had been so courageous to make the trip I thought. His state of health was poor.
On Sunday after lunch, John had planned to go to a concert at Lincoln Center.
After we had finished eating, (he had devoured a great mound of Scampi, which he relished eating with his fingers),
we accompanied him across the busy Broadway thoroughfare.
Once on the plaza of the Center, we embraced for the final time, and there John walked away without turning back,
ready yet once again to wholly dive into the richness and fullness of ART.
I said to Lannis–“That’s John, alright,—-his love of Art, Artists and Music, is his life.

I can say now that when I think of John I think of someone who’s life was directed by Love”.

J. R.